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How to Find the Right Buyer for Your NFT


Despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market and NFTs, the use-cases for NFTs are constantly expanding. NFTs are here to stay, and with the current diminishing prices, it signals a good buying opportunity for investors.

But with NFTs being a new technology, buyers and sellers are still facing difficulties because most platforms make it very hard to find the right NFTs. A company called LUDO is currently developing its own platform to simplify the user experience in the near future. Today, with no optimization or aggregation on marketplaces, organic exposure, SEO, or proper advertising, it is tough to find the right NFTs. But with the tools Ludo is developing for the space, they will change all of that.

NFTs have become immensely popular in the last two years, recording a 200x surge in trading volume to reach $21.5 billion by late 2021. However, such growth has also led to a saturation in the market. The NFT space has become so massive and crowded that discovering promising projects is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Leading NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible have successfully connected buyers and sellers, but, at the same time, their scope is mostly limited to front pages and promotions. This creates a gap, especially because existing NFT marketplaces are seldom creator-friendly.

Most NFT marketplaces focus on high trading volumes above everything else, including customer turnover. But while ‘trending’ projects get much push from the platform’s algorithm, others remain undiscoverable. Therefore, with no search option helping buyers easily find projects they like, it is virtually impossible to find smaller projects that are not in the top 100. At the same time, creators find it difficult to sell their NFTs unless they are super trendy or have a massive marketing budget. Everything would be different if there was a  ‘explore’ section helping buyers find projects according to their tastes and interests. This would also significantly empower creators, increasing their chances of a sale. This is where Ludo comes in.

LUDO, An All-In-One NFT Platform

Ludo is a data-driven metasearch engine aggregator that feeds user data to help NFT collections achieve maximum discoverability. With a set of profiling tools and features that help unique projects stand out from the crowd and reach buyers with similar interests. Users enjoy a metaverse experience tailored to their needs based on a proprietary AI-based profiling algorithm or connecting their digital wallets.

One could think of Ludo as being the new optimizer for the space, in the same way, Google optimizes ads and search functions according to the users’ profiles.

Ludo is an app store that recommends similar apps to users who have a liking for them, this could be NFTs, metaverse collectibles, and other non-fungible items. This can help creators like you get the best value for all kinds of NFTs without relying on viral marketing alone.

In conclusion, marketplaces like Opensea are platforms where ANY buyer could buy from ANY seller. This leads to saturation and discoverability problems for creators. However, Ludo is a tool that would help connect the RIGHT buyers to the RIGHT sellers based on user profile data and preferences, opening new exciting opportunities for both.



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