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Chipotle To Give Away $200k in Crypto Through ‘Buy The Dip’ Game


Chipotle launched a limited time market simulation game ‘Buy the Dip’ which will give away $200k in crypto. Chipotle Mexican Grill is celebrating National Avocado Day on July 31 and through this new game called ‘Buy the Dip’, it is offering players to get a chance to win thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

This game shall also offer the participants chance to score promo codes for $0.01 guac and queso, by which players can actually ‘buy the dip’. Players can now access the game on www.chipotlebuythedip.xyz from 10 am to 6 pm daily from July 25 till July 31 by using the Chipotle Rewards account.

In order to play, users have to watch a crypto line chart move and have to ‘buy the dip’ for a chance to win crypto or 1 cent guacamole or queso. Chipotle will also be rewarding on a daily basis and will follow a particular structure.

Crypto Reward Structure

Players of the ‘Buy the Dip will have 15 seconds to claim the prize, if not so, they have the chance to swap it for a different prize. Players also can try again if they have failed to win a prize. Participants will get three chances to win till Sunday.

Five fans will receive $2,000 in Bitcoin per day ($10,000), five fans will receive $1,000 in Ethereum each day ($5,000), Five fans will get $250 in Solana per day ($1,250), apart from this 20 fans will get $150 in Avalanche ($3,000) and 20 fans will receive $150 in Dogecoin per day ($3,000).

Chipotle will also distribute an additional $65,000 which will follow a similar model. $0.01 guac shall also be available through a promo code to all Chipotle Rewards members.

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Chipotle’s Entry Into The Crypto Space

Chipotle now accepts cryptocurrency. Chipotle had a partnership with Flexa, which is a global leader in the digital payment space. This nationwide partnership has helped Chipotle to accept cryptocurrency all across the globe.

Chipotle guests can now use 98 different digital currencies which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana and Dogecoin to pay for their food at Chipotle through the Flexa enabled application. The Mexican Grill outlet had entered the digital asset space in the year 2021.

It was the first restaurant chain in the US to start a crypto giveaway through its “Burritos or Bitcoin” program. This program had distributed $100,000 in Bitcoin to mark the National Burrito Day. The purpose behind this game is to track through fictitious tracker which will go through highs and lows to ‘buy the dip’ and invest in anticipation of a price drop and then wait for the crypto’s price to rise again.

This game has been designed in reference to the extremely volatile market. The recent crypto downturn has made the industry suffer loss worth $2 trillion after the rally that happened last year. Chipotle has continued to remain a brand which is crypto inclusive and has found innovative ways to keep their guests involved in the sphere.

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