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Jack Dorsey and JAY-Z unveil The Bitcoin Academy


Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Block, has announced a partnership with JAY-Z to offer a Bitcoin education course in Brooklyn, New York. The course will revolve around creating awareness about Bitcoin and teaching people reasons they should interact with the primary cryptocurrency.

Jack Dorsey & JAY-Z partner for a Bitcoin academy

The education program that Jack Dorsey and JAY-Z are planning to offer is known as “The Bitcoin Academy.” The academy will be spearheaded by Lamar Wilson and Najah J. Roberts. The two have been involved in talks surrounding the cryptocurrency sector.

The Bitcoin Academy website shows that the program will equip the community with the necessary knowledge to break down the information barrier preventing the community from participating in the cryptocurrency sector. It added that while Bitcoin was an open network, people were barred from entering the sector because they lacked the necessary financial knowledge.

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“This program aims to provide education, empower the community with knowledge, and get rid of some of the barriers so that residents can learn more about Bitcoin specifically and finance in general,” the website reads.

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The classes for the academy will happen between June 22nd and September 7th. The course will be available both in-person and online for all residents of March, Brooklyn. Dinner and free Mi-Fi devices will also be provided, alongside one-year data plans and smartphones for those who attend the classes.

The Bitcoin Academy will also have a “Crypto Kids Camp” program held during the weekend. The program will be open to kids aged between 5 and 17 years. The program is expected to expand into neighboring locations.

Equipping people with financial independence

In a Twitter post, JAY-Z said that the academy would give “people tools to build independence for themselves and then the community around them.” JAY-Z is a participant in the crypto space, and he has a CryptoPunk NFT on his Twitter profile.

On the other hand, the former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a major proponent of Bitcoin. Dorsey said the academy would support “Long-term thinking, local economies, and self-confidence.”

Dorsey also said Bitcoin was gaining immense adoption in Africa, Central America, and South America. The two countries that have adopted Bitcoin as legal tender are based in Central America and Africa. El Salvador, the first country that adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, already has education initiatives to teach people about BTC.

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