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Idle Stoneage will launch on KuCoin IGO Platform soon! Limited Sale of 10,000 Key NFTs!


Dear KuCoin Users,

After years of accumulation and developments dedicated to providing an exceptional trading experience for cryptocurrency traders and NFT assets investors, we are proud to introduce a new interactive NFT launching platform designed for crypto games and traditional games – KuCoin IGO (Initial Gaming Offering).

Idle Stoneage Mystery Box, will be launched at 12:00pm on June 2, 2022(UTC).

What is KuCoin IGO

KuCoin IGO provides a seamless centralized experience for users to purchase, invest and manage their unique NFTs. Like cryptocurrency trading, IGO allows users to directly purchase NFTs and withdraw to their external address with minimum delay, and there is no gas fee for NFTs purchase and NFTs withdrawal.

As our IGO partners, KuCoin IGO provides three different approaches to launch your In-Game items via flat rate sales, auctions, or mystery boxes. IGOs can be conducted over several rounds, offering a different number of assets each round with a tiered price structure.

What is Idle Stoneage

The Idle Stoneage is a synthetic NFT concept dual-end (web/mobile) game based on blockchain technology and deployed on the KCC. It is driven by the community, and the core gameplay is card turn-based.

The Idle Stoneage is set to be a part of the first batch of fantastic games set to launch on the KuCoin Community Chain. IdleStoneage has also received the first batch of strategic investments by KuCoin Ventures.

What is Idle Stoneage Key NFT

Join the Idle Stoneage exclusive Hero Recruitment and get a random Idle Stoneage Hero NFT!

Hero is the only combat unit of the Idle Stoneage and the most important NFTs that drive the game modes of Idle Stoneage. Each Hero has its corresponding name (kind), quality, basic attributes and characteristics that depend on the quality. Heroes also can be upgraded, merged and restored. Hero holders can play various P2E modes and stake their Heroes for mining benefits. Players can acquire heroes through buying and opening blind boxes, participating in community activities as well as NFT trading.

Idle Stoneage Key NFT Box Terms:

Total Supply: 10,000

Price:50 USDT

IGO Period: 2022/06/2 12:00PM – 2022/06/7 12:00PM (UTC)

Find Idle Stoneage
Websites: idlestoneage.com

Telegram: http://t.me/IdleStoneage

Discord: discord.gg/WNdjYRP45T

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IdleStoneage

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