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Next Earth launches a charity game in collaboration with SEE Turtles: Users can win $200,000 worth of NXTT and unique NFTs while cleaning the ocean


Next Earth has once again dreamed big and taken action. Tapping into the potential of the metaverse, they are launching a campaign to tackle environmental issues

A new dimension for corporate social responsibility

Next Earth, one of the largest metaverses with a strong focus on sustainability, is excited to announce its first social responsibility campaign in a collaboration with SEE Turtles.

Leading the way among metaverses: Next Earth is launching its “Clean the ocean” campaign on 19 May 14.00 pm CET which will be active until 2 June 14.00 pm CET. From the income of the game, Next Earth will support SEE Turtles to implement plastic waste collecting projects. This special game is going to take place on seven territories of the Next Earth metaverse, exactly where the partner organization will implement plastic projects in the real world. Thanks to a gamification feature, users will feel like they are literally taking action while even having a chance to win $200,000 worth of NXTT and 5 unique NFTs by TinyWasteland.

The charity game

Our seas and oceans are overflowing with plastic which is suffocating sea creatures. Unless something changes soon, many marine species could disappear completely. The help might seem to arrive from an unexpected place, but Next Earth is dedicated to saving our world with the help of a metaverse. As part of this mission, they are launching their first CSR campaign.

  • Their more than 240,000 users can contribute to a good cause in the real world by taking action in the metaverse. They are invited to purchase lands in any of the seven areas involved in the campaign to participate in the game.
  • In a treasure hunt mode, users need to remove trash from their purchased tiles. SEE Turtles is going to do the same in the real world: getting rid of plastic waste on beaches and coasts.

But the game doesn’t stop there. Next Earth never lets us down when it comes to surprises; so besides supporting a good cause, they’ve also prepared some perks for their users:

  • They’ve placed $200,000 worth of NXTT in different values and 5 unique NFTs made by TinyWasteland under many tiles. This means that participants will not only be contributing to a good cause, but also have a chance to win rewards.

20% of the proceeds done within the campaign will go to SEE Turtles to implement plastic projects and get rid of plastic trash on beaches and coasts. It means that the more land users are buying the more chance they have to win and the more support they can provide to the partner organization.

Bridge between the virtual and the real world

Next Earth has been focused on sustainability from the very beginning, with environmental awareness built into its core operations. Their “Clean the ocean” campaign is taking them to the next level in their commitment to make an impact in the real world with the help of a metaverse.

Noemi Magyar, Head of CSR at Next Earth, says the connection can be understood by considering this initiative as a bridge between the real world and the metaverse:

“With this campaign, Next Earth is building a bridge between the virtual and the real world, where the bridge happens to be social responsibility. We are adding an extra to this whole experience with a gamification feature. Though our community members are physically far from the locations where our partner organization, SEE Turtles, will carry out their plastic projects, users can actively participate in the mission of getting rid of plastic waste. It’s innovative, exciting and valuable.”

Raising awareness of environmental issues is one important thing, but inviting users to take action together is another level of social responsibility. Next Earth has been considering sustainability as a core value from the very beginning which has resulted in $1 million being donated to environmental causes in only a few months.

Commenting on the values of Next Earth, Noemi Magyar said:

“At Next Earth, we believe that business and philanthropy can and should go hand in hand. Together with our community we are dedicated to making the world a better place. We believe that real change can only be achieved when people come together and take action. At Next Earth we want to make a real impact and we are grateful to our community for joining us in this mission.”

Next Earth hopes that their social responsibility campaign will serve as an inspiration to recognize the many ways in which a metaverse can make a difference.

Photo credit: Tiny Wasteland

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