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Full-suite DEX, Hyperdex Mainnet Goes Live Introducing Extra Rewards For Users


Hyperdex, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has announced the launch of its mainnet, following months of developments, third-party audits, and upgrades. The mainnet is expected to introduce new trading strategies on the platform, giving users more opportunities to easily make returns in the DeFi ecosystem.

Having gone live this Wednesday, the mainnet introduces three major products, adding to its list of features, labelled ‘cubes’. The initial trio of products include the Fixed Income cube for risk-averse investors, the Algo Trading cube for moderately risky investors, and their flagship product, the Race Trading cube for risky investors and degens. The three features will enable users to select their preferred trading strategy and unlock the powerful capabilities of Hyperdex.

Additionally, the mainnet launch provides a simplified UX/UI for beginners and non-crypto investors. This aims to reduce the complex nature of the DeFi ecosystem, allowing anyone to easily join investing and earn huge rewards.

“Hyperdex was designed to drive down the complexity of DeFi investment, and to give users exposure to sophisticated products that were once the preserve of pros,” explains Manfredi Magris, Hyperdex Co-Founder.

Following the mainnet going live, investors in Hyperdex native token, $HYP, will be issued with the tokens via an initial decentralized exchange (DEX) offering (IDO). The $HYP token is the utility token of the Hyperdex platform offering a vast number of uses such as rewarding users and incentivizing liquidity providers (LPs). Additionally, the Hyperdex token will be used to offer extra rewards to investors in the “Hypercubes”, a sophisticated investment strategy that boosts the investors’ returns two-fold, once launched.

The Initial Trio of ‘Cube’ Strategies

First, the Fixed Income cubes are investment strategies tailored to enable users to earn a fixed return on their crypto assets by staking them. Users can also earn extra returns by upgrading their investments to the ‘Hypercubes’.  This is done by depositing an additional 10-100% of the original investment in HYP tokens. In return, Fixed Income HyperCubes offer higher returns on original Cube investments along with 20% of the investment’s USDT value in HYP.

Secondly, the Algo Trading cubes are trading strategies on Hyperdex that offer a moderate variable return on users’ assets. These strategies are based on statistics, with a multidimensional approach stemming from but not limited to arbitrage. Investors can also choose to upgrade their investments to Algo trading hypercubes to earn extra rewards by depositing an additional 10-100% of the original investment in $HYP tokens.

Thirdly, Race Trading cubes provide users with riskier and more aggressive trading strategies. On these cubes, investors can speculate on the future price of an asset by selecting long or short positions. Users may choose from a wide variety of Cubes with different assets, target prices, liquidation prices, leverage, and more. Hyperdex handles all the complexities of these high-level trading on the investor’s behalf, converting a complex product into an automated “set and forget” option, the team statement reads.

Finally, Hyperdex will also introduce Modular cubes, which will enable investors to invest in trading strategies built by other users. Users may create strategies based on simple signals such as the price of an asset reaching a certain level, or more complex ones based on technical indicators and other data such as Relative Strength Index (RSI) or open interest.


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