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Meme Token Carnage — DOGE, SHIB Costs Sink Lower, Dogecoin Down 82% Since Last Year


Today’s top meme coins have lost 4.8% in price against the U.S. dollar, because the crypto market butchery has wreaked disturbance across the complete digital currency economy. whereas dogecoin had an exceptional year in 2021, over the past twelve months, dogecoin lost 82.8% against the USD.

DOGE Tapped An All Time High a Year ago Today, Meme Coin Value Is Down 82% Since that Point

Meme coin assets are down following the remainder of the crypto economy’s downward spiral. Statistics show that dogecoin (DOGE) has shed 14% in price throughout the past month and thirty day stats show shiba inu (SHIB) is down 24%.

In the Last Day alone, the $28.3 billion price of culture tokens lost 4.8% in price. jurist lost 1.7% over the last seven days and on SHIB was born by 6.8%. jurist is additionally down 82.8% from the crypto asset’s uncomparable high on might eight, 2021, that was specifically a year past nowadays.

At that point, DOGE reached an ATH of around $0.731 per unit. Six months past, SHIB tapped an ATH at $0.00008616 per unit and nowadays it’s down seventy eight since that value. Each DOGE and SHIB form up most of the $28.3 billion culture token capitalisation by representing 95% with a combined market valuation of around $26.9 billion nowadays.

Google Trends information Shows Interest in Dogecoin and SHIB Is Low

While most of the culture coin economy has shed important price in recent times, a comparatively unknown culture token known as litedoge (LDOGE) has gained 40%. Poodl token (POODL) is up 34.2% and dogefi (DOGEFI) is up 27.3% throughout the past seven days. However, jejudoge (JEJUDOGE) has lost 44.6% on, let’s go brandon (LETSGO) is down 43.3%, and shiba fantom has shed 28.9% in price against the USD.

Meme tokens were all the craze last year, however interest appears to be dwindling quickly. After hitting a Google Trends (GT) score of 100 last May, this year throughout an identical weekly timeframe, the search phrase “dogecoin” has scored a 3. SHIB hit 100 in October and GT information shows the search term “SHIB ” has scored a four on, per worldwide statistics.

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