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The Beginner’s Guide To Creating & Selling Digital Art, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)


In today’s creative world, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an incredible innovation that evolved as a boon for artists to create and monetise their amazing work all around the globe. One such innovation was the internet, and another is blockchain. After the 2008 U.S. disruption, Blockchain entered the picture as a system upon which cryptocurrencies and NFTs are established.

The Beginner’s Guide To Creating & Selling Digital Art, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
The Beginner’s Guide To Creating & Selling Digital Art, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

If you’re into cryptocurrency enthusiast, then the mere mention of NFT’s might make you roll your eyes. But what exactly is NFT? How can one create and sell digital art NFTs? Well, we are here to explain to you all of this.

Introduction to NFTs

NFTs can be described as your digital assets, which are further changed into a kind by developing a unique digital signature that defines the ownership of the asset and can be sold or bought even for the real money cryptocurrency.

Non-fungible tokens are described as tokens that are not interchangeable; however, each of these tokens represents unique assets that a certain person owns. In contrast, the fungible tokens are easily interchangeable and further divided into smaller units to build a similar value. One widespread misperception concerning NFTs is that they are a sort of cryptocurrency; however, this is not the case. NFTs are not the same as other cryptocurrencies, despite their appearance.

Step By Step Guide To Creating & Selling Digital Art, NFTs

  1. Set up your wallet

The first step of creating & selling digital art NFTs is setting up your wallet for storing your cryptocurrencies and NFTs. You can visit Google Chrome and download the MetaMask extension on your system. Most NFT bidding platforms look for prepaying in crypto for minting your NFT that turns your artwork into non-fungible tokens, which are further sold.

2. Connect your wallet and NFT platform

It’s time to create your very own NFT marketplace or a platform. One of the most popular platforms in this category is NFTically. Once you enter in, click on the “Connect” icon to complete the linking process. Now, your artwork can be converted into NFTs using SketchAR.

3. Setting up an auction

Once your work is ready, the next step is setting up an auction to complete the selling procedure. During the selling process, the transaction will be mentioned on the blockchain. Further, you will be able to see the entire history. During the auction time, you can sell your digital art NFTs by selecting a minimum price. Make sure you choose a reasonable NFT price while maintaining enough profits.

4. Name your digital art NFTs.

Once the NFT price is set, and your artwork is ready to put in the auction, keep yourself calm and think of a suitable and interactive description and title for your digital art NFTs. Later, you have the power to decide the royalties percentage that you want to claim during the time of resale. To complete the process, add file properties as well.

Step By Step guide to create and sell NFT
Step By Step guide to create and sell NFT

5. Pay the gas-free

In the last step, you will be requested to connect with your wallet for paying the listing fee with the additional fees charged in the complete process of creating & selling digital art NFTs. Once your digital artwork is minted successfully, it’s time to share your artwork on social media and publicise it.

6. Listing items for sale

For listing your NFTs, go to the public-facing asset page and click on the sell option. Make sure you select the fixed-price listing and set your price rightly. Once you’re satisfied with the price, you can post your listing and follow all the instructions as suggested in your wallet.

7. Purchasing Ethereum

The next step is investing in Ethereum. Run a thorough search on the internet for a regulated and reputable seller and purchase ETH at a slightly higher amount mentioned when you posted your listing in the last step.

8. Rankings

Collectors are always on the lookout to discover new creators; however, there are platforms like the OpenSea ranking page on which they discover exciting NFT art and artists. So, if you want to get on the top, it’s the right way to go.

The Bottom Line

Over the years, NFTs have emerged as one of the best innovations. People like Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, and Vignesh Sundaresan, a medic van, earned more than 70 million dollars worth of digital art NFTs on Beeple. Based on its growing popularity, it is safe to say that this technology is here to stay. No matter that NFTs is a fairly newer concept, it is emerging rapidly. So, if you’re a digital artist or want to explore it while making money, go for NFTs.

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