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Top 5 Blockchain Projects In Healthcare | by Ankit Gupta | BuyUcoin Talks | Mar, 2022


Blockchain is the keyword of the year and for many more in coming years, as this new technology growing at a rapid pace. This technology is changing the way healthcare is practised and delivered. With advances in digital records and blockchain technology, physicians can now more easily share information with patients as well as other providers. It’s clear that it’s ready for the transition from banking to supply chain supply. And in healthcare, in particular, there is a huge break for blockchain revolutionary to smash and lead digital conversion.

Top Blockchain Apps in Healthcare Industry

According to gminsights.com Blockchain Technology in the Healthcare Market size valued at USD 281 million in 2020 and is estimated to witness over 52.1% CAGR from 2021 to 2027.

At the time, everyone was looking for new and innovative ways to secure health records. One of the biggest issues with modern-day healthcare is handling patients’ data, which could be distributed or breaches continue to occur on a regular basis. While most of us are looking for a universal system that could store and distribute patients’ information between various healthcare facilities. Few blockchain-based ecosystems doing their best to improve the security of various transactional operations in the health sector while eliminating bureaucracy and manual inefficiency, improving service quality and democratizing patient data.

Let’s have a look at the best blockchain-based apps in healthcare –


Limoverse is one of the best blockchain-based ecosystems which ensures that things could be much easier in health and well being. A Metaverse where people communicate, live, heal, talk and most importantly contribute to a world outside the metaverse as well. It ensures people take full control of their health using education, tools, services and products so they can live long, healthy and productive lives.

One can share health data such as a DNA report, and qualified health professionals can provide you with proactive medical care before any illness catches up with you, ensuring your future is healthy way.

One can also claim LIMO tokens by spending time on exercise, sharing knowledge and supporting skills to improve the ecosystem. How cool is that when you have exercised for 1 hour and you get paid under the Sweat Pool program?

Another way to earn LIMO in Limoverse is through its gamification services, where users can play fitness activities based on accessible fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Smart Watch, etc., and get Limo tokens in return. As LIMO token is cryptocurrency you can buy LIMO Token on Cryptocurrency Platform — BuyUcoin

2. eHealth Estonia :

Away from the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, developers and investors are looking for new areas where they can spread the power of Blockchain. Estonia, having one of the world’s smartest governments, has become the first country to engage in the use of blockchain for healthcare on a national scale. In 2016, the Estonian eHealth Foundation launched a development project aimed at protecting patients’ health records by using blockchain technology to archive related activity records.

Every person in Estonia who has visited a doctor has an online e-Health record that can be tracked. Verification takes place via an electronic identification card, health information is kept completely secure and at the same time accessible to authorized persons. The use of KSI Blockchain technology in the system ensures data integrity and mitigates insider threats to the data.

They are using blockchain as an additional layer of security to help us ensure the integrity of health records. Privacy and integrity of healthcare information are a top priority and they are always happy to work with innovative technologies like the Blockchain to make sure records are kept safe.

3. Medicalchain :

The Medicalchain blockchain maintains the integrity of health records while establishing a single factual argument. Doctors, hospitals and laboratories can all request patient information that contains a record of their origin and protect the patient’s identity from external sources. It is obvious that every individual wants their health records to be recorded confidentially.

MyClinic.com is an application that utilises Medicalchain technology. It is considered the future of accessible healthcare providing a safe and secure online consultation. Doctors can document the consultation directly onto the patient’s health record, creating a more valuable experience for physicians and patients.

4. Patientory :

The pharmaceutical industry has one of the highest standards of safety, protection and stability of products, it is ready for disruption. For example, blockchain supply chain management can be monitored securely and transparently. This can reduce time lag and human errors. Patientory is another blockchain-based company that aims to provide a decentralized database and is currently storing the information in the largest healthcare information exchange network, PTOYMatrix powered by blockchain.

Lack of centralised patient records and Increase in security/data breaches with strategic push to the cloud. The use of the blockchain will greatly enhance the release of medical innovation, as it is possible to deliver medical information securely without evacuation. Patientory empowers people to take control of their own health. They are changing the way healthcare stakeholders and patients interact and access information. Patientory aggregates all of a patient’s health data, from clinical records to wearable devices. By combining clinical data like patient records and test results with everyday data like physical activity and sleep, Patientory gives users a more comprehensive view of their overall health.

5. MediBloc :

MediBloc is an open platform that utilizes a fully integrated healthcare environment in the Ethereum blockchain. Due to its transparent nature, it allows for open interactions between patients, medical professionals and researchers. In terms of performance, MediBloc allows users to track their health information freely, including medical records and doctor’s remedies.

Its mission is to meet the needs of patients, providers and researchers by redistributing the value beyond the ownership of health records. This is done using new encryption protocols that encrypt all records cryptographically via a private key (accessible only to the patient).

Conclusion :

Blockchain is a relatively modern and new technology that provides innovative applications during successful implementation in health care. Smooth and efficient data exchange and delivery between all prominent network members and healthcare providers contribute to the development of economical and sophisticated treatments for many illnesses. This will accelerate healthcare growth over the next few years. With every application, there is something new for every consumer and it’s up to you how you want to exploit that.

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