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RealBig Seed Round IDO Now Available on Fantom Live Launchpad


Fantom Live is now a strategic partner of RealBig. We are delighted to announce our first round of IDO available to the public. During this seed round, participants can buy RealB tokens with a 50% discount. Our first IDO will be promoted by our Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers, so hurry up as spots are taken very fast.

Ask Me Anything

RealBig and Fantom Live are jointly hosting an AMA this Friday (April 29) at 2 pm UTC with a $300 give away gift. Join RealBig Twitter and Telegram channels to get info and AMA links.

About RealBig

RealBig is a new GameFi platform that integrates NFTs in a new and innovative way. RealBig is solving problems in the traditional online lottery space like fairness and transparency using Blockchain and AI technologies. The platform offers a variety of lottery prize games. In addition to prize games, RealBig offers an NFT game finance experience via a virtual league.

NFT Virtual League

RealBig’s NFT game finance is based on a virtual league with 5 clubs and 70 players. Each club has 4 teams of different sizes. Every player in the virtual league is represented as an NFT asset. The platform creates contests among clubs and teams. Users attend a pooled contest by guessing a winner. Anytime a player wins, its NFT owner receives 20% of prize value as its royalty.

RealBig’s mission is to revolutionize game finance with NFTs and to make this happen, we have gathered together a team of blockchain experts and a seasoned advisory board.

Watch the below teaser video to learn more: https://t.co/5vFplQXwKW

RealBig Community

RealBig community is growing very fast. We have 50k followers in our social media and newsletter.  Visit our below website to get our social media links:


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