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The Derpy Cats


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The WAX ecosystem is constantly evolving and with the increasing demand better tools for distribution and gamification are required. Bountyblok has convenient tools required by artists or NFT based games to share rewards, drops, or incentives for their users. Bountyblok brought innovation into the WAX ecosystem and created the right tools to match the current demands.

bountyblok The Derpy Cats

The Bountyblok realm is like a magnificent land from legends, with NFT projects depicting heroes, princesses, magic, beautiful wildlife, mythical beasts, and even the bad guys. Who am I in this story? I am the collector, I am the old wizard that collects spells and scrolls. With over 2000 NFTs in my spellbook, I know what is cool and who’s trending in the WAX metaverse, and I will share my wisdom about those NFT projects with everyone.


The Derpy Cats

The Derpy Cats

My magic grimoire opened at The Derpy Cats, an NFT project about fun and funky derpy cats. What is a Derpy Cat NFT and where do they live? It’s a cat face on a sticker that will live forever on the blockchain. They live in a kingdom far … far away … and even have their own website! The artist is from a small kingdom in Europe, and is trending on Twitter with over 1500 followers. The mysterious Feline Overlords only follows 88 people and I consider myself lucky to be one of them. After reading this please don’t start following people… please keep it elitist! The Derpy Cats are part of mystical organizations such as the NFT Lounge, Immersys, and Square Rooted.

the derpy cats twitter

The Feline Overlords doesn’t summon derpy cats for a living… the Feline Overlords are still a student, with a background in computer sciences, engineering and information management. The Feline Overlords joined the Beast Masters Guild after seeing a link about how to make NFTs. The artist is also a crypto enthusiast and has a variety of coins and tokens, which he plans HODL until the great cat food crisis. WAX is his favorite token, followed by banano and their monkey culture – which is totally cool because everyone likes CryptomonKeys.

The artist was always an artist and a nature lover. The Derpy Cats are the first collection inspired by cat faces he drew and painted many years ago. The concept of derpy cats of various backgrounds was born and Toxic was the first one to be released, back in December 2020. The plethora of black cats is inspired by real cats while all the others are imaginary pets. I have a handful of Toxic cats and never had any issues!

the derpy cats example

It was written in stone that the whole collection will follow the same format, same shapes. The cat face will be in a circle and the background will be changed depending on events or collaborations. There are only nine cat faces, symbolizing the nine cat lives. Each cat has a personality, which will be expressed in the NFTs.

The Feline Overlords prefers traditional art, in acrylic paints and watercolor, while for the NFT creation is using GIMP. The artist wants to stay focused on his vision and send derpy cats worldwide. At the moment, the summer-themed set of Derpy Cats are released with the most amazing holiday vibes.

If you came across Best Wishes NFTs, I have a surprise for you! The Feline Overlords are also behind this colorful project. The Best Wishes NFTs are the best way to say “Thank you!” to your fellow NFT enthusiasts or maybe “Sorry!” to your partner. The NFTs are painted in watercolors and are still available on the WAX secondary market.

best wishes nfts

The Derpy Cats found the portal to the bountyblok realm by accident, on Twitter, and since then they never wanted to return to the old world. In the fantasy realm they can run free and from time to time they can airdrop into emails.

“I found out about bountyblok through Twitter. I use Gift NFT to send some rewards to my website subscribers through email and to send NFTs to my supporters on Twitter. I especially like the feature of receiving back the NFT if it’s not claimed within 30 days, which is not possible when you create claim links. Also Gift NFT it’s great when you don’t know someone’s WAX address.
I like bountyblok as the interface is very user-friendly which is a plus. Only thing I don’t like is that there is no search option for the collections when you are sending an NFT, so it takes some time to find what I need.”

I can confirm that Gift NFT is a top tool, and I was lucky to receive a Bad [Beach Vibes] after participating in #DerpyDiscussions. It was my first gift received through the tool and had no clue what to do. Luckily, Gift NFT doesn’t need a tutorial, as the steps are straight forward. Clicking the gift link will open Gift NFT, where the NFT can be claimed with a single click. The page info will contain the mint number of the NFT and the memo added for the gift.

gift nft

The NFT will magically appear in the WAX wallet immediately after claiming. Users can also check the blockchain transaction, if needed. The simplicity of the tool made me consider it for future airdrops, gifts and Christmas cards distribution.

gift nft 2

Gift NFT by bountyblok is a free tool that anyone can use to send NFTs via email or Twitter DM with only few clicks. The transfer through the WAX blockchain is done securely and if the NFT will return to the sender if remains unclaimed for 30 days. This feature is not available for standard claim links on AtomicHub.


Stay tuned for the next trip in the NFT Metaverse. If you are a NFT collector make sure you check the derpy cats. If you are an artist or part of a NFT project make sure you join the bountyblok realm and keep up to date with the best distribution tools .

The bountyblok saga will continue with a trip into the Shadowlands, where we will meet the most powerful necromancer in the realm.